RVP-Treatment Options for cost savings

Lower Cost Imaging Services

Documented review of healthcare costs shows that independent clinics with their lower cost structure are better able to provide the same or higher quality care at a lower cost.  Health system owned clinics must cover their large hospital-based overhead costs. These expenses can translate into additional fees for the same services provided, adding greatly to the cost per service. In today’s high deductible plans that means additional out-of-pocket expense for you.

Imaging cost comparisons in the Rogue Valley

For the benefit of our patients we survey imaging costs across the Rogue Valley on a quarterly basis. While we attempt to keep this cost comparison up-to-date, patients should confirm costs at any imaging center and consult with your insurance company on your individual coverage policy.

Lower Ultrasound Imaging Costs

Lower X-ray Imaging Costs

Lower CT Imaging Costs

More benefits of an independent clinic

Putting relationships first
Physician and provider led care.

RVP patient care

Freedom to Refer
Maximizing every patient’s options.

RVP clinics freedom to choose